TLG Doggy Daycare & Overnight Boarding 
West  Los Angeles
Santa Monica & Brentwood Adj.
(310) 477-2669


We take pride in our clean, modern boarding facility where your "best friend" can safely and comfortably reside while you're away. Located on the boarder of Santa Monica and Brentwood, in West Los Angeles, each pet has private care suited around your dogs specific needs.  Our care focuses on giving your dog the  finest care, at a reasonable rate. All dogs are exercised, socialized, and get to enjoy both the greater outdoors and our indoor facility.



We take a limited number of Happy and Well-Socialized Dogs to play with us each day in our 6,000 sq. ft. facility with outdoor and indoor play areas. Dogs are able to run and play with their dog friends in our spacious park-like outdoor setting, bask in the sunshine, splash around in our pool, or just hang out lounging on a bed. The dogs are happy and tired after a day of play and are ready to go home with their owners to spend a quiet evening together.


Sure, your dog enjoys a nice day at home—relaxing and doing nothing.  That is a dog's life! There's only one thing more that a dog enjoys more—fun with a bunch of other dogs! TLG Doggy Day Care offers Doggie Day Camp—an exclusive program designed with your dog in mind. We give them a balance of exercise, socializing and fun all for an incredibly reasonable price. We want all our guests to have fun! Drop by and see for yourself how much fun these dogs are having. For a lot less than you think, you can give your "best friend" a day or two (or seven) of TLG Doggy Day Camp. We even offer monthly specials. Why leave your dog alone at home all day when they can be with their friends and exercise too! They'll thank you for it!


All dogs are taken care of in our clean, at-home, West Los Angeles (Brentwood & Santa Monica adjacent) boarding facility where your "best friend" can comfortably reside while you're away. Our location is committed to your pet's finest care. All dogs are exercised, in a cage-free environment, with their buddies, in our private large enclosed courtyards for their enjoyment and good health.  Overnight guests are treated like family. Outdoor play time during the day and indoor cozy time for their overnights.


Overnight guests need to meet certain requirements and come in on a scheduled day care interview session when they've never boarded overnight with us before. All new dogs are required to spend a full interview day care session with us prior to any boarding so that we get to know the dog and their personality; the dog is given an opportunity to get to know us and the environment; and that way everyone gets a good night's sleep when a new dog comes back to board. Your dog will be on their own regular diet, (food/treats, etc.) so that we do not deviate from your dog's normal feeding routine. Also, it is recommended for you to bring your dog's favorite bed/blanket along with their toys to ensure they feel right at home here at TLG Doggie Day Care.


Training is available for our Members upon request. Basic Obedience and Behavioral Problem Training Techniques are taught to your dog and then to you.

                 SPECIAL CARE


We are glad to be able to accommodate pets that need medications. The fee varies with the type of medications needed—please inquire.

 Special Feeding

Pets own food—We are glad to be able to accommodate pets that have special feeding needs.