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Imagine having a wonderful home for your furry loved ones that is centrally located (close to the 405 & 10 FWY), about 15 minutes from LAX airport, where you can have your canine pets play freely as they do at home.  Our environment is designed to be much like your home. We cater to friendly pooches of all ages, in a cage-free environment. Our center is designed to save you time, energy and money! TLG Doggy Daycare is available by appointment, 7 days a week, year-round. TLG Doggy Daycare & Overnight Boarding provides a tailored environment, much like the comforts of your home. Feel free to contact us regarding your specific needs and dates during the week, weekends, and around the year, depending on your scheduling requirements and needs.   We create solutions for your busy and demanding scheduling needs, at your convenience!


We have a variety of specials and packages designed to meet your needs and schedule, please call us for details.


When I got my puppy, she was the first dog I had ever owned.  I felt like a clueless mother who needed to quickly learn what owning a dog really entailed. I live in an apartment, and knowing that I couldn’t keep a lab mix confined in a crate all day while I was at work. The facility is completely fenced in.  The main fence leads to the yard, but there is also another gated area that separates the grassy area from the pavement.  There is always water available for the dogs, and if the weather becomes too extreme, there is a place in the garage that is covered, safe, and easily accessible to the dogs.  Blankets, towels, toys, and other personal items are welcomed for each client so the dogs feel safe and at home while they are in her care.  Chloe quickly made friends with other dogs, and I knew by the end of that day that I had found an alternative to the craziness of commuting home everyday at lunch. I realized how convenient it was for me, with work being within walking distance, and not having to drive from the Westside to the valley at lunchtime.  I was able to bring Chloe to daycare on a bi-weekly basis, and each experience was positive and delightful.  She was able to interact with other dogs, exercise, rest, and be in the care of someone who is more experienced than I was.  Chloe is truly able to be herself at daycare, and while it is a side of her that I don’t get to experience on my own much of the time, I have no reservations calling TLG at any time to check in on Chloe’s day, on her progress, and on her overall behavior while interacting with other dogs.

I currently bring Chloe to Barbara’s daycare on a daily weekday basis, and I really think it works out best for all of us! There have been several occasions that I’ve gone to TLG for advice on various things, and I always feel better about the issue at hand afterwards!  If you want your dog to be in a safe, happy, healthy, and fun environment while you cannot be there to care for them, then I would highly recommend giving TLG a call!  They take dogs of all sizes, and care for them as if they were their own!

Chloe’s mom Deanna

We have used the services since 2007. They offer a safe home environment for dogs. LA Doggy Daycare & Overnight Boarding is a very caring place, both relaxed and knowledgeable about dogs. They offer a nice combination of looking after your pet while giving him/her a fun, independent and social experience with other dogs. They are very trust-worthy and careful that all dogs get along well, are healthy and non-aggressive.

Daryl, Joey’s mom

I have been taking my 1 year old Coton, Ginger to LA Doggy Daycare & Boarding and my dog absolutely loves going there.  The care is amazing and I highly recommend their services. The other dogs are very friendly and they all have a wonderful time together.

Ally, Ginger’s mom